Milestone: LNG flows through Western Europe’s first LNG truck refueling facility

On May 5, 2010, exactly ten years ago, the LNG facility in Oss became operational. Today marks the anniversary of the opening of the first small-scale truck refueling LNG facility in Western Europe located at the Oss site of Vos Logistics.

About LNGEurope

LNGEurope B.V., founded on February 5, 2008, became the first small-scale LNG supplier in Western Europe. LNGEurope operated LNG facilities in Oss (Vos Logistics) and Zaandam (Simon Loos for Ahold/Albert Heijn). LNGEurope pioneered truck-to-ship fueling and supplied LNG to customers in countries from China to Scandinavia. The company was involved in the first ever back-loading of LNG at the Petronet terminal of Kochi (Kerala, India), and, together with its sister-company, supplied the first LNG to Roma Cruise Terminal (Civitavecchia Port of Rome) by the transport of LNG across the Alps with a road tanker.